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Why join a fitness facility?

Why join a fitness facility

By Sarah Shriver As much as we’d like to believe that cake and ice cream are secrets to a long and healthy life, we know that’s just a fantasy. The reality is regular exercise and social interaction are  MAIN ingredients to a longer and healthier life. The Centers for Disease Control recommends adults get at least 150 minutes of aerobic ... Read More »

Heart Talk

Heart Talk

By Alex Anderson, Senior Associate Pastor at Bayside Community Church My dad told me a hilariously funny story that happened when he was about 20 years old. He was riding in the backseat of my grandfather’s car with my grandfather, Jeff, driving. Grandpa Jeff’s brother Uncle Walter was in the front passenger seat. So to set this up a little ... Read More »

Millions of Satisfied Customers Worldwide Discover a Pain Relieving Device with Proven Results

Millions of Satisfied Customers Worldwide Discover a Pain Relieving Device with Proven Results

Coach Jimmy K Tired of weekly doctor’s visits and dealing with pain until your next appointment? Are you looking for a proven, natural, noninvasive and drug-free alternative to aid with your health conditions? Look no further, the DENAS PCM6 device is available to you at the Denas Pain Relief Store. This device is designed to address pain, promote energy, and ... Read More »

Beach Safety – Make Sure Your Beach Time Remains Fun and Safe

Beach Safety

A day at the beach is one of the favorite ways families like to spend their vacation or holiday time. However, the beach is a natural environment that may harbor a number of dangers for both children and adults. Make sure your beach time remains a happy time, free of accidents and injuries. Sunburn No matter how much experience people have ... Read More »

What Exactly is CrossFit and Why is it in a YMCA?

What Exactly is CrossFit and Why is it in a YMCA?

By Crystal Trawick, Senior Fitness Director of Morrison Family YMCA and Sara’s YMCA CrossFit has become increasingly proper over the last couple of years, and is easily becoming a household word.  Just within the Greater Charlotte area there are over 50 CrossFit gyms, located inside a variety of places from warehouses, strip malls, and even local YMCAs. The Ballantyne YMCA CrossFit ... Read More »

Dare to Go Bare – Brazilian Bikini Waxing Demystified

Brazilian Bikini Waxing Demystified

By Amy Burton – Revel Salon and Color Studio Hair or go bare…down there?? That’s a loaded question! Going bare in the nether regions has been a growing trend for several decades. Popular amongst the younger generation, a new survey shows more than 96% of female and 87% of male college students have recently removed some, if not all of their ... Read More »

NCSAB is a Clinical Massage Therapy School that is on the Leading Edge of Structural Bodywork. And here is why:

NCSAB is a Clinical Massage Therapy School

Few people, even some health care providers, fully understand and appreciate the benefits of soft-tissue therapy.  Some of the key elements of this innovative and unique approach to clinical massage therapy and structural bodywork include: 1.  An in-depth understanding of chronic, excess muscle and nerve tension (CEM&NT): Many texts discuss “tight” muscles, but few explain what muscle tension actually is, ... Read More »

Top 5 Things Your Husband Needs from You

Top 5 Things Your Husband Needs from You

By Cassandra Soars My husband is a great man. He’s kind; he’s humble; he has a gift of hospitality, which means he’s happy to serve the people around him, and he rarely complains. But this often translates to him not telling me what he wants or needs. So it’s taken some guess work on my part to understand what he wants ... Read More »

The Gift of Desperation

By Alex Anderson, Senior Associate Pastor at Bayside Community Church The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation, this sentence, which appears in the first chapter, is the most famous in the book Walden, by Henry David Thoreau. Desperation is a mental state that usually causes extreme or rash behavior. So why would someone live in it…quietly as Thoreau states? ... Read More »

Tax planning for your investments: What you need to know

Tax planning for your investments

By Angela Sloan Tax planning for investments demands careful thought. You must consider the tax consequences of your investments as you buy and sell, but not let tax concerns propel your investment decisions. Your investment goals, time horizon, risk tolerance and factors related to the investment itself should also come into play. Nevertheless, tax factors are important. Here’s a look ... Read More »