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You Owe It To Yourself To Pursue A Career You’ll LOVE!

You Owe It To Yourself To Pursue  A Career You’ll LOVE!You’ve thought about a career in massage therapy many times over your lifetime… well what are you waiting for?
The field of Massage Therapy is one of the fastest growing elements of the medical profession today.  The Bureau of Labor and Statistics states it will grow over 22% over the next 20 years.  That is exciting news for someone like you!

There are over 97 million people in America living in chronic pain for which many have not yet found relief.  They have been through all their doctors have to offer with little or no results.

A rewarding career awaits you; and at the North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork we have created a positive teaching and learning environment for people eager to learn the art and science of Massage Therapy.  After the school’s academic curriculum was developed, we concentrated on implementing a sound business plan for our first and additional NCSAB campuses.

The preceding “building blocks” were planned so that we would succeed.  However, we recognized that the teaching staff is an integral part of any school’s real success.  We find instructors who bring to the classroom expanded, modified and refined versions of the knowledge and techniques they were once taught by their teachers.

NCSAB looks forward to training you and in turn, as a therapist you can continue the process of educating and informing lay people and health care professionals.  This can be facilitated by exhibiting your competence, conducting yourself professionally and most of all, having the training to alleviate many chronic pain issues.

The focus is not on alternative methods, but on adjunctive methods.  We will surely gain inclusion as an adjunctive provider in tomorrow’s mainstream health care as we showcase our talents as well trained therapists.  Our job is to ensure that our graduates are those therapists.

Would you like to be able to give a great full body Swedish Massage and calm the nervous system, reduce stress and make your client feel wonderful?

Would you like to be able to assess your client and determine through education and training what is causing their chronic pain?

Would you then like to be able to actually deliver treatment that will alleviate many soft tissue chronic pain issues?

At NCSAB you will be trained in the origin/insertion/action/myotome of every muscle, how it attaches to the skeletal system, how to engage your client to help him/her to relax by accessing their central nervous system that will allow the client to “let go” so you as their therapist can access the deeper layers of muscles to create permanent change in the structure of the human anatomy that will alleviate many soft tissue problems.

Once you have completed your training at NCSAB, you will have a solid foundation in the relaxation skills through Swedish Massage Therapy as well as the knowledge and techniques of Clinical Massage Therapy to be able to treat soft tissue pain due to injury or postural distortion.  This doubles your job prospects!  You will have the ability to work in spas, fitness centers, gyms; with chiropractors, neurologists, podiatrists, dentists, OB/GYN’s, etc.  You will also have the ability to open your own private practice…the golden ticket!

Our 500 hour program is taught in 6 months full time and 12 months part time.

You’ve been told you should massage for a living…Well what are you waiting for?

You owe it to yourself to pursue a career that you’ll love!

Call to speak with our director, Kimberly Williams, (980) 224-8449

North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork
820 Tyvola Road, Suite 203, Charlotte, NC  28217
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